GeoRevive 200L – a revolutionary all-in-one water retainer, soil conditioner and fertiliser that has been developed through German engineering.

Cut water usage by up to 90% and fertiliser usage by up to 70%!
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GeoRevive 200L – a revolutionary all-in-one water retainer, soil conditioner and fertiliser. It has been developed through German engineering and precision, guaranteed to outshine the rest! Transform turf and perk up those plants whilst reducing water usage by 90% and fertiliser usage by up to 70%! A research study in collaboration with Murdoch University as well as numerous landscaping projects, such as Gateway WA (the new Airport link) demonstrates the excellent benefits of GeoRevive for Australian conditions. For more Australian projects visit us on:

GeoRevive 200L works in any condition and with any soil type. If used in sandy soils or in loam, it possesses the following unique characteristics that puts us at a competitive advantage:

– Reduces water consumption by up to 90%!
– Reduces fertiliser consumption by up to 70%!
– Massive savings on water and maintenance bills!
– Enhanced growth and root development! Survival rates of newly planted trees and Australian natives over 90%.
– Once in a lifetime application, which biologically decomposes after 8 years! GeoRevive is ecofriendly.

Our mission at GeoProvide is to offer an innovative water-saving solution to regions battling water shortages, whilst providing the community with the opportunity to create and maintain beautiful, healthy gardens and public spaces. Due to its lightweight characteristics it is perfect for rooftop gardens, vertical gardens and vertical farming projects.

The standard GeoRevive 200L treatment (enough for 6 sqm lawn or a 5M tree) costs $99. Considering that a mature tree can sell for as much as a few thousands, this is an investment worth making. Not to mention the positive impact that GeoRevive has on the water table. Instead of flooding the area with water, increasing the risk of salinisation, you can give your trees the small amount that they actually need conserving our most precious resource and preventing the scourge of salinity.

Free delivery within the Greater Perth Area!
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