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Does GeoRevive affect root structure?
If you’ve used other soil conditioners in the past, you’ll know that they can have an adverse effect on root structure. The good news is that GeoProvide actually has the opposite effect. According to Mr Rudolph Mueller, technical director at the Munich Botanical Gardens, “the roots are generally stronger when treated with GeoRevive”.
How do I use GeoRevive?
Digging it into the soil

To apply GeoRevive, you first need to dig a hole. For most bushes and shrubs, you’ll need a hole that’s about 100-150cm deep and 50 – 100cm wide.

Watering regime for outdoor plants
Weeks 1 to 4 as normal,
Weeks 5 to 6 reduce by half,
Weeks 7 to 9 further reduce till only 10% usage per day.
After 5 weeks, you can use your own intuition or consult an experienced gardener, as you’ll have better knowledge of the needs of the plant species, the local climate and the local soil conditions.

Watering regime for indoor plants
Week 1 normal watering,
Week 2 reduce by half,
Week 3 further reduce till only 10% usage per day.
From that point on, use your best judgement or that of a talented gardener to figure out how much water to give the plant.

How does GeoRevive work? Soil Conditioner 101
GeoRevive is a high efficiency soil conditioner that boosts both nutrient and water availability. The product is like a sponge that holds water every time it rains or your retic is on, preventing it from draining away and concentrating it where the tree can access it. GeoRevive is useful in loamy soil due to increased aeration and also hyper-porous (sandy) soil. In this kind of soil, no matter how much water you sprinkle on the plants, most of it is going to run off, trickle down through the sand and then ending up hitting the water table. If you’ve ever seen a salt plain, you know this isn’t a good thing. In Australia, we’ve done a pretty good job of rendering formerly vast tracts of white blotched earth that are suitable only for growing salt bush into arable land.

At GeoProvide, we’re pretty keen to avoid more of this magnificent country succumbing to that fate. That’s why we’re distributing a product that not only cuts water loss but also helps plants grow. You see, the lumps of GeoRevive are not just chock full of capillaries, they’re also loaded with plant nutrients and trace elements. For this reason, if you apply GeoRevive to your tree, you can expect to use 90% less water and 70% less fertilizer.

Happy planting!

What is the science behind the GeoRevive soil conditioner?


The main nutrients embedded into GeoRevive and available for the whole lifespan of up to 8 years are as follows:

Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus (P)
Potassium (K)
Magnesium (Mg)
Sodium (Na)
Calcium (Ca)

These ingredients are formulated into a multi component capillary structure product. This is a Bio-nutrient multi-element, water-retention and growth energizing compound, produced in lumps of different sizes (between 10mm and 50mm).

Chemical Properties

  • Water holding capacity: 800 litres per cubic metre
  • pH: 5.5-6.5

Chemical Breakdown

Carbon (C) 39%
Hydrogen (H) 15.2%
Oxygen (O) 9.7%
Nitrogen (N) 33.5%
Sulphur (S) 0.13%

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