About Us

GeoProvide, an Perth based Australian company that offers GeoRevive, the innovative soil conditioner, water retainer and fertiliser, all in one – aiming to reduce water consumption and improving overall plant development.

Our Mission

We are passionate about helping Australian farmers and gardeners cope with the frequent droughts that accompany life in this sunburnt company. Our goal is to significantly reduce the amount of water required for growing crops and to rejuvenate plants that have been savaged by drought. We feel a moral imperative to help Australians prepare for the onslaught of climate change and prevent this beautiful country from turning into a dust bowl.

Our story

GeoProvide’s founders decided to bring their business over to Australia after seeing the tremendous impact that the product had in the Middle East (in Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar and Oman). They both feel strongly about environmental sustainability because of experiences in their home countries after visiting Australia in 2012 and being shocked to see the tremendous amount of water being used for gardening and landscaping.

Why Australia?

They chose Australia because as a continent, Australia receives less rainfall than any other place on earth besides Antarctica. Despite this, Australia has one of the world’s highest per capita water consumption rates. This poses a great problem not only for farmers in regional areas, but also for Australian cities and in particular Perth, whose population is increasing at a rapid rate.

Why Perth?

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Perth takes pride in maintaining healthy gardens and public spaces. Nevertheless, it is argued that Perth is the leading Australian city in water wastage, with water consumption nearly double that of households in Brisbane and Melbourne. 43% of the average household’s water consumption is used for outdoor purposes, with many draining water from Perth’s precious, but limited groundwater reserves. Consequently, Perth has succumbed to a major water shortage problem, and the Water Corporation of Western Australia aims to improve water efficiency and reduce overall water usage by 15% by 2030.

We plan to help the Water Corporation meet its goals by distributing Green GeoEarth WLL’s flagship product, GeoRevive®. GeoRevive® has been shown to reduce water consumption by up to 90% and fertiliser usage by up to 70%. This allows for a transformation in the way we grow and maintain healthy outdoor spaces and offers farmers the potential to increase crop yields whilst reducing water, fertiliser and pesticide-usage.