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Are your trees limp and dying? Has rain been scarce and water trucks too expensive to justify? Have you found other soil conditioners, water retainers, wetting agents and fertilisers ineffective? If so, GeoProvide – Perth WA, Australia has the solution you need. Our innovative German engineered all-in-one soil conditioner, water retainer and fertiliser technology, GeoRevive, has been used in countless projects in Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and Australia and was successfully tested at Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman and Murdoch University in Perth WA, Australia. The results in the Middle East were outstanding: water requirements were cut by up to 90% and fertiliser requirements by 70%. Trees went from barely standing to shooting up with green vibrance. This was smart enough for the WA Water Corporation to endorse GeoRevive as Waterwise and to get the Smart Approved Watermark label.

The standard 200L GeoRevive soil conditioner treatment is enough to revitalise a large palm tree. Considering that a 5M tall tree can sell for as much as thousands, this is an investment worth making. Not to mention the positive impact that GeoRevive has on the water table. Instead of flooding the area with water, increasing the risk of salinisation, you can give your trees the small amount that they actually need conserving our most precious resource and preventing the scourge of salinity.

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GeoRevive is a high efficiency soil conditioner, water retainer and fertiliser – all in one – that boosts both nutrient and water availability. The eco-friendly product acts like a sponge that slowly absorbs water out of the soil, preventing it from draining away and concentrating it where the tree can access it. In sandy soil for example, no matter how much water you sprinkle on the plants, most of it is going to run off, trickle down through the sand and then ending up hitting the water table. In the Middle East, we’ve done a pretty good job of rendering formerly vast tracts of white blotched earth that are suitable only for growing salt bush into arable land.

At GeoProvide, we’re distributing a product that not only cuts water usage but also helps plants grow. You see, the lumps of GeoRevive are not just chock full of capillaries, they’re also loaded with plant nutrients for 8 years. For this reason, if you apply GeoRevive to your tree, you can expect to use up to 90% less water and 70% less fertiliser.

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